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Search Engine Promotion Winston Salem NC

ABConsulting are masters at getting me at the top of Google rankings. Through their efforts of press releases, timing, Adwords, SEO, and creative writing skill I have grown to the point where I am spending more time in the hiring function...

Lee Smoak
President-Owner of Craftsman Direct

Search Engine Promotion in Winston Salem
Get Your Web Site Going!

Your Web site is your BEST marketing tool for getting your message in front of your audience. BUT you have to make sure your audience sees it. Search Engine Promotion - SEO, is the way to do it.

If you need your web site to get on page 1 of Google - to know that search engine promotion is working - read some of my client references - I Can HELP You and Your Small Business!

The "coolest" Web site in the world cannot help you if nobody sees it. ABConsulting is dedicated to helping small businesses and small to medium-sized companies develop and execute their online marketing strategy. We can HELP You get Momentum Going on Your Web site.

Unique Visitors = SALES!
Getting a nice web site is the first step. But most web designers know very little about SEO and getting high quality visitors to your site. Most SEO companies and consultants know how to get traffic - this is the second step. THE most important objective for your web site is bring you leads and/or sales!

Now we are talking about unique visitors, a good customer funnel, an effective "call to action," and in the end...leads and sales. On a good web site it typically takes 12-20 unique visitors to gain 1 lead or sale.

If you do not understand what these terms mean, OR you do not know how to make this happen - please get some help. Give me a call - I would be happy to help you understand how to get this done.

Affordable Search Engine Promotions for Small Businesses
If you have priced an SEO company you know that most charge prices in the thousands of dollars per month. Some deliver results, but most small businesses simply do not have this kind of budget. At ABConsulting we believe you can get solid search engine promotion (Google ranking improvement) without spending thousands of dollars per month.

An SEO Company or Consultant - Winston Salem NC
Sometimes you need an SEO company, and some small businesses only need an SEO consultant. We are both. If you have been rebuffed because you cannot spend thousands per month, call ABConsulting - we do something most SEO companies will not do - we will work within your budget. YOU tell us what you can spend and we will do the best possible job for that budget. We have larger clients sprinkled around the country, and we have small businesses in the greater Winston Salem NC area: Fuquay Varina, Winston Salem, Holly Springs, Apex, Garner, Durham, and Morrisville.

The ABC's of Online Marketing - ABConsulting serves as the freelance marketing and SEO consultant for many small businesses in Winston Salem, North Carolina, the surrounding area, and all over the U.S.A. We provide affordable seo consultant services, SEO advice, search engine placement and optimization, seo strategy and search engine promotion. We have experience with PPC marketing and advertising (GoogleAdwords), and we can help you with e-mail campaign marketing. We also build Google-friendly Web sites, redesign sites to help them with Google ranking and other search engines. And we do monthly web site maintenance for companies that do not have a Webmaster or IT department - we can typically give you 24 hour turn-around - most of our clients would affirm this in a recommendation.

Part of being an affordable SEO company/consultant/contractor is helping you to avoid spending money on things that have little chance to bring you business. There are many SEO companies out there urging you to pump thousands of dollars into GoogleAds, Facebook, and other social media. Some of my clients have used social media and done well, but it is not for every small business. It will cost you time and/or money and it might not bring you any results. It all depends on your target audience. Read my study on SEO Mistakes to Avoid to see numbers that prove social media does not necessarily mean high search engine rankings. I do have a client who get very good results from Facebook and Twitter, so social media is good for some small businesses. I will help you get good search engine promotion without spending $Thousands$.

GoogleAds (PPC) and Search Engine Promotion in Winston Salem NC
SEO can include GoogleAds (PPC) which can also be helpful IF you know what you are doing. You must remember that Google's primary objective with PPC is to take YOUR money. Many SEO companies will push you to spend thousands of dollars on PPC. IF you know how to measure results it can be a great way to advertise. One of my clients has spent the money to measure GoogleAds - the average cost per lead is around $50 - it takes an average of 5 GoogleAd leads ($250) to make a sale and the average sale is $2,500. He has determined that he will allow his GoogleAds to run ALL the time...But it took some time to get these numbers AND to get good analytics.

PageRank, Backlinks and Search Engine Promotion
Many SEO companies will try to sell you SEO services with scare tactics - "Your PageRank is only a 2. You can never get ranked on Google with a PR of 2." OR, "Your site only has 6 backlinks - you cannot get on Page 1 with Google until you get more backlinks." Do Not Waste Your Money.
PageRank is almost meaningless. Backlinks are good, but do not spend tons of money trying to get backlinks - good SEO is always about content. Read my study on SEO Mistakes to Avoid to see numbers that prove PageRank and Backlinks are not as important as some SEO experts want you to think.

Good Content is Good SEO
I once heard a Google VP at an SEO Conference state, "Good content is what Google is looking for. Make your site a place to find valuable content." For most small business owners, this is not difficult. Just tell people about what you sell, or what you do. There are ways of telling your story that will serve you better with the search engines - I will help with that part.

ABConsulting SEO of Raleigh NC Provides Affordable SEO to Improve Search Engine Rankings for two more Small Businesses Contractor EPA Training Company and Nandos Painting in Wilmington

Raleigh NC, - Feb 25, 2012 - // 24-7pressrelease.com // -- ABConsulting online marketing services announced two more small business owners benefiting from affordable SEO work: Contractor Training LLC serves all over the state of North Carolina, and Nando's Painting and Housekeeping in Wilmington NC.

"One of our unique offerings is affordable SEO services for small business owners," said Al Baker, Owner of ABConsulting. "Contractor Training LLC and Nando's Painting both came to me after having other SEO companies quote them around $1,000 per month packages. I can help a small business owner gain solid Google ranking without spending thousands of dollars."

Learn more about Nando's Painting and Housekeeping

Learn more about Contractor Training LLC

ABConsulting is located in Fuquay Varina (just south of Raleigh, NC) and services many small businesses in Winston Salem, North Carolina and the surrounding area: Apex, Winston Salem, Chapel Hill, Durham, Fuquay Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Charlotte, Burlington, Fayetteville, and Morrisville. ABConsulting has clients (or has served clients) from all around the USA - notably Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston Texas, Los Angeles California, Baltimore Maryland, Chicago Illinois, Atlanta and Athens Georgia, Harrisburg Pennslyvannia, Springdale Arkansas, and Richmond Virginia.

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