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Take a look at my SEO Pricing Guide - this Guides gives you a good idea of both pricing and my methodologies.

Basic content editing is billed at a lower rate.

Pricing and Fees

The fee structure is fairly simple - I typically work on an hourly rate using my handy stopwatch (pictured to the right). I bill in 6 minute increments.
You only pay for what I do.
If a job takes me 15 minutes you do not get billed for 1/2 hour. My invoices are detailed so both of us have a paper trail.

Monthly Budgets
Some clients want a monthly spending budget.
I am happy to offer you a lower hourly rate in order to work on a monthly budget. I will keep up with my hours as I do on a simple hourly basis: each monthly invoice would state how many hours I worked on your account and how many hours are stored to your favor or mine.

The rate will depend on your budget size and what kind of work you require. Give me a call and let's talk. I specialize in fitting affordable SEO and other services into YOUR budget.

I can also coach you or your staff if you want to do the work yourself. You can see a few sites/clients who have been happy with Web site coaching.

Almost all of my clients are happy to speak with you on the phone and give you a reference on my work - just ask and I will give you names and phone numbers. See some of my Client References.

I work quickly - I will not waste your money.

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