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E-mail Marketing and Campaigns

Nobody likes SPAM.
When we talk about using e-mail marketing we are talking about using a measured, consistent outreach to people who have already indicated interest in your company, products and services.

Repeat Business
Almost anyone in sales will tell you that the easiest person to sell to is someone who has already purchased from you. Repeat business. Studies we have seen report that a judicious use of e-mail marketing will typically bring a 20% conversion rate. Our personal experience has confirmed this data - ABConsulting uses consistent e-mail campaigns to reach our customer base - almost every campaign leads to around 15% of the recipients contacting us for work.

Consistent E-mail Campaigns
Conventional wisdom says that e-mail campaigns should be sent out every 4-8 weeks. We recommend using e-mail contact every 6 weeks.
If you miss 6 weeks, go for 8 weeks rather than 4 weeks...unless you have really good (or important) news to communicate!

What Makes a Good E-mail Campaign?
1. Make it simple and short
2. Have new items of interest or special deals
3. Use bold headlines with short paragraphs
4. Then, link to your web site

For most small businesses we can typically manage your e-mail marketing for $100-$150 each month. Obviously, size could change this pricing, but we are talking about writing the message, sending the e-mails out, and managing the list.

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ABConsulting serves small businesses all around the USA - Dallas, Waco-Temple-Killeen and Houston Texas, Los Angeles California, Baltimore Maryland, North Carolina: Raleigh, Cary and Greensboro areas, Atlanta and Athens Georgia, Orlando Florida and Harrisburg Pennslyvannia.