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Al could have coded our web site himself, but instead he took the time to coach me every step of the way. Now we "own" our site and we can do simple redesigns on our own. If we get in a jam, ABConsulting is just a phone call away. I knew nothing about HTML when we started so I needed a lot of HELP. We are glad we found ABConsulting to provide it.

Tim Simmons, VP Communications
Wake Education Partnership

Coaching -
    HELPing You HELP Yourself

I have several clients who pay me to "coach" them with HTML, coding their web site, running GoogleAds, etc. I am happy to help you HELP yourself. My rate is slightly higher when coaching, but you control the time and cost. I will not waste your time. YOU can do it...and I am happy to HELP you learn.

Some companies use my services monthly to help them think about the numbers - sometimes just having another set of eyes helps to "see" things being missed. Abandonment rates, time spent on key pages, customer funnel percentages...poor numbers mean that your site is "leaving money on the table."

Thank you SO MUCH for all you did for me. It was frustrating knowing I had this great idea for a blog/website, but little-to-no skill set to get it done. I didn't know if there was anyone out there that could help coach me through the process (at an affordable rate!!). I will be forever grateful for the help that you gave me.
Courtney Coble
former U.S. Congressional Staffer

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